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Don juan de marin
On 1st of August 1976, in little town Koprivnica (Croatia) a perspective young artist Marin Kuhar was born.
He spent most of his life in hometown where he graduated from high school. At the moment he lives in Switzerland.

Beside all his hobbies he decided to dedicate his life to greatest passion of all - painting and art, working under a pseudonym Don Juan De Marin. Growth of Marin as an artist began in his early school days.
First art technique he discovered was pencil drawing technique which led to charcoal, pastel and eventually to oil painting technique on glass.

To satisfy his artistic hunger he traveled across Europe with nothing but his backpack which allowed him to experience the raw world and life in all its beautifull sipmlicity . His passion for art led him to Florence where he was sculpting his talent inspired by a spirit of many great artist throughout the history.

Marins main art motif is a chaotic life of a modern man, lust, sexuallity, religion and philosophical view of ancient wisdom. His work is devised into several cycles in which observer can see him grow and mature as an artist.

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